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Some Thoughts On Diversity


Sunial Kanojia
New Jersey, USA

Diversity is like color inside a rainbow … like color spectrums in the sun light (under spectrometer) … like different types of flowers in a lush green garden … like different shades of perfume/smells in the air (or in various perfumes) … different shades in a black & white picture … like different tastes/ flavor of food (taste buds – hot & spicy, salty, pungent, sweet, vinegary, ) … like different emotions (happy, sad, tragic, blissful, dramatic, romantic, playful, action, mischievous etc.) or the feelings we have inside (loving, carrying, giving, noble, fantastic, wonderful, blissful, peaceful, affectionate, compassionate, philanthropic, altruistic, worrying etc.)

If these dimensions of diversity (variety) didn’t exist than we would die of boredom (devoid of emotion /feeling less, tasteless, smell less, colorless, flavorless life)

Diversity is the ‘key to creativity’ because it brings diverse perspectives to a status-quo in dfferent things/events/concepts. … which in turn help us to evolve all things towards a better or improved level.

Diversity help us to judge good vs. bad after observing/listening/evaluating through our inner consciousness (in terms of what is best/right for humans as a whole).


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