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Readers' Comments:

“I have significant faith and belief that you will be once again excel into yet another amazing journey filled with adventure, joy, challenges, rewards and mutual benefits for all involved. I read your great book and touching response to your place of previous employment and I feel you should consider promoting it to outplacement firms. The goal is to promote being laid off as a new opportunity through group sessions, support methods, testing and other methods. To me your book would be an ideal handout to give to employees on day one!”
Dr. Hubert D. Glover,  professor, entrepreneur and author

"Dr. Anita Nahal's book, Smile, Breathe and Laugh Off a Lay Off, is a breath of fresh air for persons who have been abruptly laid off from their job for no cause or no reason of their own. The book teaches, if not reminds you, to think positively and to continue to breathe, laugh, and smile, while avoiding those who would speak negatively about your circumstance instead of encouragingly. I love the bright colors and artwork of the book as well as its inspirational quotes by famous authors at the bottom of each page. Certainly, Smile, Breathe and Laugh Off a Lay Off is a must read for anyone, but especially for those who do not have a job or have been laid off without warning during these difficult times of high unemployment and severe financial challenges.”
Frederick D. Harper, Ph.D. Professor, textbook author, Poet, & Novelist

“Smile, Breathe & Laugh Off A Lay Off is a serious book that deals with a common confounding adversity countless of professionals are too often facing today. But instead of bemoaning the ill fortune of being laid off not once but twice in a span of few months, Dr. Nahal illustrates how she managed her personal hardships with determined sense of purpose, resolve and tons of laughter and fun! Nahal does not minimize the impact of her situation and clearly states life is not perfect but she chooses not to dwell on it. Instead from the onset she illustrates how misfortune, anger and frustration can be tamed with dignity, fun and grace. This book speaks volumes of Nahal's ability to work through unbelievable twists of fate not once but twice- and still manages to publish a book that speaks of our universal human capacity for resilience. This book is a must read by all professionals who can learn to overcome small and large problems through determined resolve, resilience, coping skills, positive energies, and a "tinny- weenie smile".
Mai Abdul Rahman, President, American Palestinian Women's Association 

“How great! Now I am ready if I am laid off!! How in the world can you be so imaginative!? I am in awe. And you look great in the picture, a great picture for the subject of the book, I must say."
Mercedes Tibbits, Maryland 

“I read your amazing book about the aftermath of a lay off, as I also have been through this situation 2 years ago. But I never thought of looking at it in this light as you put it. This gave me a totally different perspective on things through your positive attitude. Simply loved the book and proud of you. Pray that more and more people get to read this beautiful book.”
Neetu Harinder Arora, Palisades, NJ 

“Read your book on lay off and was very touched by your interpretation of looking at life, and positivity, in spite of all the financial stress and other baggage that comes with layoffs, and if one door closes God opens ten more doors for you.”
Pali Arora, Palisades, NJ

"I really enjoyed your book, can't argue with a word in it. I'm also not a procrastinator, so taking active steps right away has always worked well for me... And you're absolutely right that being escorted out by a security guard is standard business practice. It has nothing to do with the specific person."
Phyllis Diamond, Alexandria, VA 

"I liked the book and the way the story was told integrating life lessons with famous quotes. Apart from inspiring, the book teaches us the value of being frugal and planning ahead. Thank you for the beautiful book.”
Pradeep Karla, Washington, D.C. 

Interviews with the author have appeared in the following: Image-in-Asian and The Capital Forum for MHZw, Falls Church, VA; Sun Gazette, Arlington, V.A.; Public Service Channel, Fairfax, V.A. & Public Service Channel, Princeton N.J. 

Please scroll down to watch one of the interviews or click here


Smile, Breathe & Laugh Off A Lay Off (ISBN: 978-0-9856062-0-6)


Anita Nahal

“It was like any other day that I reached my office at 8:30 am. As I walked in the door, and towards the elevators, situated in the lobby, I saw two campus police officers, one woman and one man; I greeted them cheerfully. Wondering why they were there, I thought there might be some situation with a student.  Little did I know that in a short while, one of them would be leading me out of the building…I was laid off, for the first time on July 26, 2011. Fast forward to November 2011…I was thrilled when I went back to work at the same place, in a better position and better salary; fast forward to January 18, 2012…it was like any other evening…I was winding down after a long day and I decided to look at my emails around 8:30 p.m. just to make sure I had not received any important ones from work.  I opened an email from my then boss telling me I was being laid off…the second time in a short span of six months…I was shaken and in disbelief. I called my son and instead of saying hello, started crying and as he comforted me and asked what happened; in the midst of sobbing, I said, I had been laid off again…”

This book is about SMILING and BREATHING and LAUGHING OFF LAYOFFS!  This is a book about the things we can do that will take our minds off the seriousness of the issue so that we can go through that phase of our lives with a cheerful demeanor and positive attitude! 

Each page has something that I did during my two lay offs.  Each page also has a quote epitomizing what I did.  I hope this book is an inspiration for others in a similar situation.

(ISBN: 978-0-9856062-0-6)

(The above e-booklet, Smile, Breathe & Laugh Off A Lay Off is available free of charge. If anyone would like a copy, kindly send an email to:   


Watch an interview with the author by Ms. Mariam Thomas for Image-in-Asian, telecast on MHZ, Virginia, U.S. on June 9, 2012. For more on Image-in-Asian (producer: Mr. Bala Chandran), please visit their website at:





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