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Poetry will publish your original poems on diversity-related themes/topics. Please send poems (no limit to number of poems) with your name, email, and phone number. Please check details under Submissions for submitting poems.


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Two powerful and thought provoking poems by young, gifted Singapore based Artist, Writer, Advocate Sustainable Communities, Communicator, Consultant, Copywriter, Designer, Economist, Humanitarian and, as she calls herself, "Sustainnovator," Lynn Chen.


Check out the rest of her work at:




At a lecture Dr. Anita Nahal, Founder & Chairperson,, gave on March 1st at Baltimore organized by PNC Bank and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra on "Global Women," she read the following poem especially created for the occasion and dedicated to Dr. Nahal by Francisco Gomes de Matos, a peace linguist from Recife, Brazil & Co-founder of Asscciacao Brasil America.

Francisco cardoso gomes de matos





I Am Somebody,
I Won’t Be Blocked By Darts Of Negativity
Nor Will I Be Tumbled By Daggers Of Hypocrisy
But I Will Ascend To The Hilltop Of Unlimited Possibility
As I Climb The Crystal Staircase To My Divine Destiny

I Am Somebody,
I Won’t Be Shaken By Life’s Tempest Wind
Nor The Fiery Temptations That My Enemy May Send
For My Well Of Prosperity Is Around The Bend
And You Can Bet Your Last Dollar, I’m Gonna Win!

I Am Somebody,
Don’t Sell Me Short Nor Count Me Out
Don’t Set Traps Of Deceit To Block My Route
For I’ll Rise Again Without A Doubt
High On Eagles Wings, I’ll Take My Mount

I Am Somebody,
I Won’t Wallow In The Valley Of Depravity
For, I Live By The Law Of Reciprocity
Sown My Seeds In The Ground Of Fertility
I Will Reap The Rewards Of Bountiful Multiplicity


Vickie L. Evans
President, Soaring High Productions

(703) 586-7523 or (800) 903-6171


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The Beauty in Diversity


Hubert D. Glover, Ph.D.

Dr. Hubert Glover learned how to read when he was attending Sunday School in Elmira, New York before he attended kindergarten.  Learning to read in a religious setting allowed him to see early in life the power of words and their impact on others.  The first stories he learned to read focused on the healing, miracles and how important it is to help others.  As he pursued his various degrees and professional experiences he was able to see how kind words could make a difference in how someone’s day. 

504-231-4323 or

Hubert Glover


The Beauty of Diversity

There is rich beauty

In diversity
There is solid unity
In diversity
There is the sweet spirit of eternity
In diversity
For what other source
Can be the sustainable force
To connect
Opposites to respect
Rather than to engage in conflict
For true diversity
Sees the opportunities
To blend and compliment
In a symbiotic
The grace and glamour
The collective splendor
Of collaboration
Of a spectrum of imagination
Talents and culture
The benefit  of global continuity
Through group inspired ingenuity
Addressing social
And wealth
With the sensitivity of tissue
But with the resolve of steel
That will
Gather the best
To bring the best
To our world institutions
To provide sustainable alternatives
To the way we live
From the consumption of energy
To relief of poverty
And hopefully
Ways of enjoying fellowship peacefully
There is a beauty in diversity
By pursuing all endeavors we face
As long as we embrace
The treasure and prize
That we all have to offer
To enrich and enhance
Our global melting pot of culture
May we forever reap the benefits of diversity
To truly enjoy a sincere and rich level of harmony
Throughout our world community

Circa 2010

Dr. Hubert D. Glover is a professor, entrepreneur and author. His wonderful book of poems entitled: Engaging Thoughts: Inspirational Expressions to Motivate Your Day was published in 2009.

See for details to buy the book:

Hubert D. Glover's book

Following is a description of the book:

This book provides a collection of expressions inspired by the Holy Bible, various sermons, and the benefit of working with so many wonderful people whose daily testimonies are a constant source of inspiration. These expressions provide guidance for managing the challenges of each day from family to work to relationships. Each expression is linked to a verse from the Holy Bible to give you a reference of its relevance and its context within your Christian faith. The book has been divided into three sections. The first section is entitled "Reflection and Instruction": These expressions provide guidance about how to manage through difficult challenges and advice on how to pray and retain hope when clouds are dark and hope seems to be a stranger. The next section is called "Praise and Admiration": These expressions are focused on promoting the need to give thanks to God continuously and sincerely. These expressions seek to encourage us to recognize our blessings daily and constantly, and to note that even in the midst of a valley, there is much to be thankful for as God is always in control. The last section is labeled "Encouragement": These expressions seek to motivate us to continue on our respective God-given journey and mission in life-filled with the hope and passion that God will be there to support us, comfort us and reward us soon, and very soon, as His promised covenant is fulfilled. The expressions outlined in these three sections all seek to embellish your daily walk with Christ and to provide a source of healing, encouragement and spiritual nutrition, and to complement your devotional practices. May these expressions brighten and enrich your day and life as you pursue your Christian journey.


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